Eagles’ Pederson: ‘By no means are we pushing any panic buttons’

The Philadelphia Eagles are struggling, and that is putting it mildly. In the past two weeks, they have been outscored 75-30, including Sunday night’s 37-10 beatdown by the Dallas Cowboys.

However, as bad as it has been for the Eagles(3-4), this team is only one game out of first place in the NFC East with nine games to play, and according to Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, this team is not panicking.

“We have nine games left, and it’s a one-game season,” Pederson said on Monday. “By no means are we pushing any panic buttons. We’re one game out of first place in our division. [If] we win our division at the end of the year, most likely you’re in the post-season.”

Defensively, the Eagles are having a hard time getting after the quarterback, and having a hard time stopping opposing wide receivers. Currently, they are 27th against the pass. Offensively, the Eagles are having a hard time protecting their quarterback, and without injured wide receiver DeSean Jackson, they are having a hard time getting the ball down the field. But, Pederson believes that everything he has seen on film can be corrected.

“The things that are showing up on tape are fixable,” Pederson said. “They are correctible. They are things that — it could be from a young player that’s new to the team that we have to continue to coach, and so from that standpoint, the sky is not falling for us. We have the men in the locker room to get the job done, and I think where we are and kind of what we’ve been through this season already is going to really bring this team a lot closer. And we have a great opportunity this week.”

Pederson is right. The season is not lost for the Eagles, but unless they make a move to get some help either in the secondary or defensive line, I’m not sure that this defense can be fixed. However, if they can get Jackson back, I do believe they have enough weapons on the offensive side of the ball to keep this team going. They’re nine games left, and it should be fascinating to see if the Eagles can turn things around in 2019.

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