Marrone on Minshew: ‘You feel like you always have a chance when he’s in there’

On Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars were fighting from behind for most of the game against the Panthers, and after tying the score at seven in the first quarter, the Jaguars would fall behind 21-7 in the second quarter. Jacksonville was able to cut the lead to one in the fourth quarter, and late in the game, the Jaguars had a chance to tie the score, but Panthers LB Luke Kuechly knocked down Jaguars rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew’s Hail Mary pass as Jacksonville(2-3) would lose on the road to Carolina(3-2) 34-27.

Coming into Sunday’s action, Minshew was 2-1 as a starter, and going into that final drive, Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone was confident about his team’s chances to tie the game because of Minshew.

“You feel like you always have a chance when he’s in there,” Marrone said about Minshew after the game. “You feel like he’s going to go ahead and he’s going to make a play. I think sometimes you see him running around and moving around and ducking and going and eventually, that stuff – in this league – is going to catch up to you where they’re going to knock the ball out.

“Sometimes you’re going to make plays; sometimes you’re not. We just appreciate that the guy’s out there giving us everything he has, and that’s all you can ask for from a player.”

Jacksonville got another solid game out of Minshew, who threw for a career-high 374 yards and two touchdowns. But, the sixth-round pick in this year’s draft did lose three fumbles(two which led to points) on Sunday, which he knows can’t happen moving forward.

“Played well for the most part, but had three turnovers,” Minshew said. “Those are all on me, that can’t happen. When stuff like that happens, sometimes you don’t give yourself a chance to win. That’s what I feel like we did, what I did.”

Minshew is a rookie, and with rookie quarterbacks, you are going to have games like this. Hopefully for the Jaguars, Minshew learns from his mistakes and comes back strong next week against the Saints.

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