Eagles’ Groh: ‘I think you can define Nelson [Agholor’s] career as being resilient’

Philadelphia Eagles WR Nelson Agholor has had a rough couple weeks. He dropped a possible game-winning touchdown in Week 2 against the Falcons, and last Sunday against the Lions, he lost a fumble and had one of the team’s seven drops as Philadelphia(1-2) lost to Detroit 27-24 at Lincoln Financial Field.

Even with those miscues, Agholor has managed to put some decent numbers. The fifth-year player had 16 receptions for 157 yards and three touchdowns in the past two games, and while Agholor did struggle with drops earlier in his career, he has managed to work through those struggles to become a solid wide receiver in the NFL.

“I think you can define [WR] Nelson [Agholor’s] career as being resilient,” Eagles offensive coordinator Mike Groh said on Tuesday. “He’s always had the self-confidence to bounce back and to move on to the next play, whether it be good or bad, and obviously he made some really good plays over the last couple weeks. What does he got, something like 16 catches or something like that in two weeks? He’s had a lot of production, and obviously, there’s some plays that everybody — and that starts with me — that all of us wish that we had over and could do better. We’ve got a lot of confidence in Nelson Agholor, and he’s going to be one of the reasons we win a lot of games.”

With Alshon Jeffery and DeSean Jackson in street clothes, Carson Wentz needed all the help that he could get, and when your team has seven drops, that is not helping your quarterback. Football games are not won or lost by one play, and while many fans want to blame Agholor, he is not the only reason the Eagles lost to the Falcons and Lions.

At this point, there is a lot of issues in Philadelphia. They are not getting after the quarterback, they are not protecting the quarterback, and their secondary is struggling. However, it’s still early, and they have time to fix things. In the end, Agholor is the least of Philly’s issues.

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