Marrone, Jaguars’ players react to two-point try late in game

The Jacksonville Jaguars had a hard time getting into the end zone against the Texans on Sunday, but late in the game with the Jaguars down 13-6, they were able to put together a scoring drive, which ended with Gardner Minshew hitting D.J. Chark in the back of the end zone to cut the lead to one.

However, instead of going for the tie, the Jaguars decided to go for two, which ended up being unsuccessful as Leonard Fournette was denied the end zone on the two-point try, and the Jaguars would lose to Houston on the road 13-12. With the loss, the Jaguars fall to 0-2.

After the game, Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone and players gave their thoughts on the decision to go for two.

Jaguars Head coach Doug Marrone:

Q: What went into the decision to go with Leonard Fournette up the middle when Fournette up the middle hadn’t had a lot of success during the game? What was the thinking there on that one?

Marrone: “We had a bunch of different plays called. So in other words, we had a play for Cover 0, we had a play for Red 2. We had a play for single-high man, we had a play for bear man, and really at the end of the day, we were fine with either one. Again, you come up a couple inches short and we lost the game. It was a decision that I made prior to
us getting the last possession. I said that if we returned the punt for touchdown with DD then I was probably going for go for the extra point. They said if we start driving this football and we score with a certain amount of time left, I said I’m going to go for two.”

DE Calais Campbell:

Q: Did every player on the sideline want to go for the two-point conversion?

Campbell: “Yeah, honestly from the angles we saw we were celebrating on the field. We thought that was two points. Obviously, I know it has to be definitive and that’s just the nature of the game. You put it in the referees’ hands, and it could go either way. But we made a lot of mistakes and we didn’t play as good as we could’ve, but we still had a chance to win at the end. So, it’s something we can learn from. We’ll grade the tape, and we’ll try to just keep getting better one game at a time.”

WR D.J. Chark:

Q: Did you like the call to go for two?

Chark: “Yeah. Because that’s the team we want to be. We don’t want to play it safe. We want to go get the win. Even after the call and the way it turned out, I still believe, like Myles (Jack) said, I believe that was a touchdown. I’m going to ride for my team, my coaches and Leonard (Fournette). And I think that we got that.”

RB Leonard Fournette:

Q: Can you talk about the last play, and from your vantage point did you think you got in the end zone?

“Yeah, I thought I got in when I reached the ball. But apparently, they (referees) thought otherwise.”

Q: When you all decided to go for it I assume most of you guys were thinking ‘Let’s go, let’s win it now,’

Fournette: “Yeah, we wanted to win. At the end of the day, that’s all this game is about is winning.”

Q: When you all decided to go for it I assume most of you guys were thinking ‘Let’s go, let’s win it now,’

Fournette: “It’s up to the Coach. He believed we that we could win it. We believed we could win it. It’s not just that play, but a lot of plays before that on both sides that kind of we could have sealed the game. But like I said, it’s football, things happen.”

QB Gardner Minshew:

Q: Did you like the call to go for two?

Minshew: “Yeah. Felt really good about the call. Had the right look. Leonard (Fournette) was close. I thought he got it. That’s how it goes sometimes. I bet ten times out of ten for him right there to get in there.”


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