Shurmur on Jones: ‘I think he’s making good progress and as he goes along here, he’s checking off all of the boxes’

For New York Giants rookie QB Daniel Jones, preseason game number two came with some adversity. Jones, who was the sixth overall pick in this year’s draft, had two turnovers against the Bears in the Giants’ 32-13 victory over Chicago at MetLife Stadium on Friday night.

While Jones did have two turnovers (two fumbles), he did have a relatively strong game, as he completed 11 of 14 passes for 161 yards and one touchdown.

Jones continues to impress, but he knows he has to protect the football a little better moving forward.

“I was very upset. I think those are two mistakes you ‘can’t make,” Jones said about the turnovers. “One time we were driving with the ball in scoring position and I made a costly mistake there, and then kind of holding the ball in the pocket, two bad mistakes, so definitely things to learn from.”

Giants head coach Pat Shurmur continues to be happy with the Jones’ development, and he believes New York made the right choice on draft night.

“Again, I am going to say this—people outside our building seem surprised, but ‘we’re not. ‘That’s why we picked him,” Shurmur said about Jones. “I think ‘he’s making good progress and as he goes along here, ‘he’s checking off all of the boxes. I think when ‘it’s his time to play, he will be ready. I am pleased with the progress ‘he’s making.”

Just like Giants owner John Mara said this week, the hope is that Jones does not see the field this season, and Shurmur agrees.

“John owns the team, right? We’re on the same page,” Shurmur said. “There is really not much more to say. I think I’ve been saying it all along.”

After two preseason games, Jones is happy about the progress he has made thus far but knows he has to continue to get better.

“I think ‘I’ve made progress, and I think in certain areas I feel a lot more confident than I did even when camp started, or even a couple of weeks ago,” Jones said. “I think ‘there’s still so much to learn for me. I think ‘I’m certainly more confident, more comfortable, but I see a lot of things I need to improve on.”

Jones has proven that he has some ability in the first two preseason games, but his two turnovers show why he may not be ready for primetime just yet, which is not a bad thing for New York, especially if the 38-year-old Eli Manning, who was 4-4 for 42 yards and one touchdown on Friday, can have a strong showing in 2019.


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