Eagles’ Pederson: ‘I’ve seen that excitement and that chip, so to speak, on the guys’ shoulder’

For a good portion of the 2018 season, the Philadelphia Eagles had some struggles as they tried to defend their Super Bowl title, and after ten games, the Eagles were 4-6, and at that point, the playoffs seemed like a long shot.

However, Philly was able to win five of their final six games of the season, and with a little help from the Bears(beat Vikings in Week 17), the Eagles were able to make the playoffs. Philly would beat Chicago in the Wild Card Round but would lose heartbreakingly to the Saints in the Divisional Round.

On Wednesday, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson discussed last season and how that might help the team this season.

“I kind of mentioned I think the other day that these guys were disappointed in how our season ended,” Pederson said. “They felt like we were really kind of catching our stride again late in the year. Disappointed on how we finished our season so close to potentially moving on and being in the NFC championship game.

“It was unfortunate we lost that game. I think it resonates with players, and that was my message at the end of the season when we sat here in January was: We have to remember these moments, remember these times because that’s what’s going to make us stronger in the future.

“I’ve seen that excitement and that chip, so to speak, on the guys’ shoulders, and they’re working hard. They’re all building towards the regular season.

“Now, it’s a long season; we understand that. One-game-at-a-time mentality. But there is a little different vibe with the guys this off-season that’s been very positive.”

It’s hard to repeat in the NFL, and it did seem at times that Philly had a little hangover, but the way things ended last season, might propel the Eagles to greater heights moving forward. The talent seems to be there, and on paper, this team looks like it can make some noise 2019, but as we all know, you don’t win games on paper.

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