Ramsey on Gilmore calling him a ‘zone guy’: ‘I think everybody knows I’m playing man the majority of the time’

Jaguars All-Pro CB Jalen Ramsey is considered by many to be a lockdown corner, and during his three-year career, Ramsey has turned himself into one of the better corners in football.

However, according to Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore, Ramsey is just a “zone guy.”

“A lot of guys that talk are mostly zone guys, so they have a lot of energy to do that,” Gilmore said on Zolak and Bertrand, as transcribed by NBC Sports Boston.

Today, Ramsey addressed Gilmore’s diss:

(On if he heard Stephon Gilmore call him a “zone guy”)

“A couple have people have been saying stuff about it. We know that’s the furthest from the truth, but I’m going to continue to do what the team asks me to do – either man or zone. Maybe he should try it. I was All-Pro.”

(On if it’s funny when other players take shots at him)

“Yes. It is. Especially from somebody like him. But it’s cool, though. I never understood why someone on the same side of the ball would hate on [me]. Usually, we are going against the opponent. Maybe I’m a threat or something.”

On why he thinks Stephon Gilmore would criticize him)

“I really don’t know. I said maybe I’m a threat or something. I really don’t know. It was weird to me. It’s lame, corny. But it’s him, though.”

(On if a cornerback calling another cornerback a “zone guy” a slight) 

“Not for me. I do what the team asks me to do. I’m good. If the team is happy with my production out there, whether I’m playing man or zone, I’m good with it. I’ll be whatever. I’m a zone guy, I’m a man guy, I’m going to do what the team asks me to do, and I’m going to do it at a high level. It’s cool. We know that’s furthest from the truth. I play a good mix of both. I think everybody knows I’m playing man the majority of the time.”

If Ramsey is a ‘zone guy,’ he is doing it and doing very well. I’m sure Bill Belichick would love to have that “zone guy” in New England.