Vikes’ Zimmer on Bailey signing: ‘If we can get that position solidified like we have with the QB, I think that’ll be good’

The Minnesota Vikings have championship aspirations in 2018. After the season they had in 2017(Lost in NFC title game ), and with the signing of Kirk Cousins, the Vikings are looking to get to the Super Bowl.

Last Sunday was a rough one for Minnesota. With two chances to beat the Packers in OT at Lambeau, their former kicker Daniel Carlson missed two makeable field goals, and unfortunately for the Vikings, the game would end in a 29-29 tie.

Knowing that they needed a more reliable kicker, the Vikings released Carlson on Monday, and signed former Cowboys K Dan Bailey on Tuesday, who happens to be the second-most accurate kicker in NFL history.

With the signing of Cousins in the offseason and the addition of Bailey this week, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer believes Minnesota is in good shape at the QB position and in the kicking game.

“This guy has been a really good kicker. Hopefully, he’s really, really good for us,” Zimmer said about Bailey on Wednesday. “I kind of feel the same way about him as I did with the quarterback position. Somebody asked me the other day about the five years I’ve been here we’ve been trying to get that position solidified, so if we can get that position solidified like we have with the quarterback I think that’ll be good.”

Cousins showed a lot last week against the Packers, especially in that fourth quarter when he led the Vikings back and helped send the game to OT.

Moving forward with Bailey, the Vikings should be okay in the kicking game, and with Cousins, the Vikings might be okay at the quarterback position.