Zimmer on Vikings: ‘We have a chance to be a good football team if we do the right thing’

Coming into the 2018 season there is a lot of excitement in Minnesota, and it should be after last season when the Vikings made it all the way to the NFC title game before getting blown out by the Eagles 38-7.

In the offseason, Minnesota upgraded the QB position with the addition of Kirk Cousins. Furthermore, they get back RB Dalvin Cook, who was off to a decent start before his injury. The Vikings pretty much brought back all the key components that made them very successful last season.

The expectations are very high in Minnesota, and according to their head coach Mike Zimmer, the Vikings have a chance to have another successful season.

“It’s funny because two years ago everybody was saying we weren’t going to be very good because we were 8-8. I saw the 11-5 team that was here the year before,” Zimmer told the assembled media today. “This team, I see the same way. We have a chance to be a good football team if we do the right things. We have to take care of the football. We have to run the ball and stop the run effectively. You have to be good on third downs, all of those things. Really, what it comes down to is coming out here and executing the things we’ve been practicing.”

The Vikings are definitely a team that could make some noise this season. The defense still should be good, and Cousins, if he a franchise quarterback, should make Minnesota better on offense, but the key for Minnesota is getting home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.  They were 8-1 at home last season, including the playoffs, but played awful on the road in Philly in the NFC Championship Game. Therefore, getting home-field throughout the playoffs is imperative for Minnesota.

The NFC is going to be tough; the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles still have a lot of talent, Aaron Rodgers is back in Green Bay, the Rams have added talent, and the Saints won’t be easy to beat. All that being said, the NFC should be very interesting in 2018.