Why Paul George’s ESPN series is bad for the Lakers

Coming into the summer of 2018, it seemed like it was a foregone conclusion that Paul George was going to the Lakers. We have been hearing about George to the Lakers for past few years. Even before he was traded to OKC, you thought George would end up with the Lakers.

Now, with reports that the Lakers are concerned that George may sign elsewhere; George to the Lakers may never happen.

Here is another reason why George to L.A. may not happen. The 28-year-old George, who is a California native, has a three-part series airing on ESPN’s SportsCenter, which is documenting his free-agent decision.

The last man to have something similar was LeBron James back in 2010. James had a show titled The Decision. On this show,  which aired on ESPN, James announced his free agent decision. As we all know, James decided to leave Cleveland and take his talents to South Beach.

James took a massive beating from many different places after The Decision show. In Cleveland, his jersey was burned, and he was ripped mercilessly by players, media members, and fans alike. James, who was loved by many, became a villain.

The kind of backlash James received would not have happened if he did The Decision show and stayed in Cleveland.

“If I had to go back on it, I probably would do it a little bit different,”  James said in October 2010.

George does not seem like a guy who would be comfortable being a villain, and that is what he could become if he announces he is going elsewhere on ESPN.

With that being said, don’t expect George to leave the Thunder. He saw the backlash LeBron received eight years ago. He knows what could happen when you publicly diss a franchise on national TV.

Expect Part 3 of  “Paul George: My Journey,” to end with the five-time All-Star returning to Oklahoma City.