Westbrook: ‘Here in Utah a lot of disrespectful, vulgar things are said to the players'(WATCH)

Russell Westbrook tried to do everything in his power to get the Thunder to Game 7. Despite scoring 46 points, Westbrook, and the Thunder would lose 96-91 to Utah in Game 6 on Friday night.

With the loss, OKC season ends in disappointment, while the Jazz move on to face the Rockets in the Western Conference semifinals.

After the game, Westbrook got into a confrontation with a fan

Watch and here Westbrook’s reaction to the fans in Utah:

Does Westbrook have a point? Maybe. Just because you buy a ticket, does not mean you have the right to be disrespectful. Considering his frustration level after being eliminated from the playoff, you can understand Westbrook’s reaction. However, Westbrook has to try to stay calm in those situations because he’s the one that will look bad.