Kenny Smith on LeBron: ‘I’m tired of seeing guys joining like that; I rather see him stay in Cleveland’

It seems like every few years we ask the question: ‘Where in the world will LeBron James go?’ Well, that talk has started again.

According to the Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor, James, who can opt out of his contract this summer, has narrowed his list of teams down to the following four: Cavaliers, Lakers, Rockets, and 76ers.

However, If it were up to TNT’s Kenny Smith, James, 33, would stay put in Cleveland:

‘Anyone would take LeBron James and want LeBron James,” Smith told TMZ Sports. “LeBron James, however, is good enough to attract people to come to Cleveland, “It’s a two-way street. He doesn’t have to leave anyway. LeBron James is good enough.

“If he goes to the Houston Rockets, that’s not fair either. I’m tired of seeing guys joining like that. I rather see him stay in Cleveland.”

If I had to pick, I would hope James would stay in Cleveland. I never wanted to see James leave Cleveland the first time when he headed to Miami.

I am with Kenny Smith; I don’t want to see guys join together to create “Super Teams.” I hated that Kevin Durant went to Golden State, and I would hate to see James leave Cleveland.