DeRozan on Depression: ‘You can’t name nobody that don’t go through something’

Toronto Raptors All-Star DeMar DeRozan is having a fantastic season and has the Raptors on top of the Eastern Conference coming into Thursday night.

While DeRozan is flourishing on the court, he let the world know that at times, he has some struggles off the court.

Recently, DeRozan revealed to the Toronto Star his struggles with depression.

DeRozan, just like everybody else, is human.

“We all go through stuff,” DeRozan told TMZ Sports. “You can’t name nobody that don’t go through something.

“Just because you are successful or on TV don’t mean we don’t all go through something or got problems. It’s life.”

It’s refreshing to see a man like DeRozan reveal his flaws. In the end, we all got issues, and DeRozan is no different.