Ingram on Brees: ‘At least, five to six more elite years’

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees had a tremendous season in 2017. With the support of a great running game, Brees passed for 4334 yards and 23 touchdowns. In his 17th season in the NFL, Brees became a Pro Bowler for the 10th time.

Also, Brees had the Saints one miracle play away from the NFC title game.

At 39, you wonder how many great seasons Brees has left. According to Saints RB Mark Ingram, Brees could play to his mid-40s.

“Man, he can go as long as he wants. At least, five to six more elite years,” Ingram told TMZ Sports.  “He’s a great dude. How he prepares, how he recovers; he’s a legend.”

Ingram thinks what the Saints experienced against the Vikings in the divisional round of the playoff will help the team moving:

“We feel like what we experienced, what we accomplished this year, and the feeling that we had in Minnesota, will catapult us to the next level,” Ingram said.

Playing in the NFL at a high level at the age of 39 is a fantastic feat. To play at an elite level in your mid-40s would be incredible.

While Brees will be a free agent, he has said numerous times that he wants to return to New Orleans.

Can Brees be elite at 45? I doubt it, but I could see two or three more good to great seasons for Brees, especially with the running game that the Saints have with Ingram and Alvin Kamara.