Chargers’ Mebane on playing at home: ‘We just going to treat it just like a road game’

The Los Angeles Chargers still have a chance to make the playoffs after starting the season 0-4. For that to happen, the team needs to beat the Raiders on Sunday. Then, they need one of the following scenarios to happen:

1)  TEN loss or tie + BUF loss or tie OR

2)  TEN loss or tie + BAL win or tie OR

3) LAC tie + TEN loss + BUF loss or tie

The good thing for the Chargers is they play the Raiders at the StubHub Center. The bad thing for the Chargers could be that they play the Raiders at the StubHub Center.

As we have seen this year, playing at the StubHub Center has not always been an advantage for the Chargers. We have witnessed visiting teams’ fans take over the stadium. With the Raiders in town, and with many people in Los Angeles still Raiders’ fans, you wonder if Oakland’s fans will take over the StubHub Center on Sunday.

Last week, Chargers DT Brandon Mebane talked about some of the reasons other teams’ fans are able to take over StubHub Center:

“I think what happened was the Chargers’ fans wanted to come, but the venue that we play in is small, and those ticket prices are not like normal ticket prices for a stadium that could seat 65 to 70,000,” Mebane said. “I think the seating capacity there is only like 27,000, so the tickets are going to be a little higher, but the stadium still be filled. But it probably won’t be fans of the home team.”

Ticket prices at StubHub Center are the tenth-highest in the league, according to

According to Mebane, the team understands that they may not have a home-field advantage, which has changed how the team approaches home games:

“Our team just came to the conclusion is just like, they may not outnumber us at home, but at the end of the day, we just going to treat it just like a road game or treat it just like a game period,” Mebane said. “Whoever boos, boos, cool. If you with us, then you with us. It came down to we can’t really control that, so at the end of the day, we just gotta play. It is what it is when it comes to that.”

Unfortunately for the Chargers, the team will have to play at StubHub Center for two more years before they can move into their new stadium that they will share with the Rams.

Should be interesting to which fan base will be louder on Sunday!


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