Roger Goodell on Jerry Jones: ‘We don’t always agree’

Fresh off his five-year, $200 million contract extension with the NFL, commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the media during the NFL owners meetings in Dallas today.

One of the topics Goodell addressed was his relationship with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who opposed his extension:

On your relationship with Jerry Jones:

RG: My relationship with Jerry has been great. We don’t always agree. I’m not paid to agree and he’s not paid to agree with me. That is, again, what the strength of our league is. As a league, we are stronger when 32 teams are together. We have our differences but we work together to try to solve those differences and address them in a way that is responsible. I think we have done that.

On the contingency element introduced into the Commissioner’s contract by Jerry Jones; is it emblematic of a rift going forward?

RG: Do I look like I take it personally? Jerry, do I look like I take it personally? [pointing to Jerry who was in the room]. No is the answer to that questions. As I have said before, I think people disagree. People who have the ability to do that within the context of our structure is something that makes us stronger.

Goodell, 58, has been the commissioner of the NFL since 2006.

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