A.C. Green: ‘LaVar’s going to do what he does’

LaVar Ball is at it again. After the Lakers 127-123 loss in OT to the Warriors on Tuesday night, LaVar was critical of Luke Walton and Julius Randle.

Here is what LaVar had to say:

Former Laker A.C. Green believes LaVar being outspoken is really not an issue:

“LaVar’s going to do what he does. People see and recognize that. It is what it is,” Green told TMZ Sports. “The team is going to keep playing. Earvin(Magic Johnson) knows what he’s doing, Rob(Pelinka) knows what he’s doing, so I don’t see any issues there.”

Green believes LaVar will keep on talking:

“I don’t think he(LaVar Ball) has any affiliation with the Lakers, so he’s not involved with the Lakers, but he has an opinion, and you guys keep giving him opportunities to share his opinion and you should,” Green said. “You guy want to air it, its fine. He’s going to do what he does, but the team’s going to be fine. They just gotta keep playing and trying to figure out how to win games, especially the close ones.”

Green is right. LaVar will keep on talking, but in reality, it does not have any bearing on what’s going in L.A. now, and in the future!




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