Gilbert Arenas on Okafor: ‘He’s not a bust’

On Tuesday, the Philadelphia 76ers declined the fourth-year option on Jahlil Okafor’s rookie contract. Okafor, 21, can become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

Now, Okafor wants out of Philly. “It could be a buyout, it could be a trade. I just want something to happen rather quickly.” Okafor said on Wednesday.

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas is still high on Okafor. He believes Okafor’s issues are not his play, but that Okafor is playing behind a superior talent in Joel Embiid.

“He’s not a bust. It’s just that there’s a better player in front of him. That’s all it is. There’s a better player in front of you,” Arenas explained to TMZ Sports. “You have to understand and know that you have to move on. It’s between you two. They picked their guy, so you have to take your talents somewhere else, and hopefully, your career can start over there. As a bust? He’s not a bust. He’s not a (Hasheem)Thabeet, he’s not an (Michael) Olowokandi. He’s better than those guys.”

Okafor, who averaged 11.8 PPG and 4.5 RPG last season, has played in only one of the 76ers’ nine games this season.

In reality, what Arenas said is true. Okafor has some skills, but Embiid has more skills and is a better player. This might be a case of wrong place, wrong time for Okafor.


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