Ray Donovan’s Pooch Hall: ‘I think the fans are going to be excited and take to Daryll’

Actor Pooch Hall has been waiting for his time to shine on the hit series Ray Donovan. Hall(Daryll Donovan), who joined Ray Donovan after starring on the hit show The Game, believes that Season 5 of Ray Donovan is his opportunity to show the fans what he can do as an actor:

“I use a sports analogy all the time,” Hall told Go4it’s Paul Gant. “When I was on The Game, I came from that show, being the lead on that show; what I meant to that show and to the fans. Just the energy and love I got. When I went to Ray Donovan, it’s almost like I got drafted to the league, but you’re going to a team that got two Hall of Famers, so you have to wait your time before you can start handling the rock.

“So, it’s almost like you got Magic(Johnson) and Kareem(Abdul-Jabbar) on there, and you’re Kobe Bryant, but you’re Kobe Bryant, you can go, but you’re not going to start over Magic, and you’re not going to start over Kareem, and you got Worthy on there in a sense. Imagine Kobe being drafted as a rookie on that team. He’s not going to see that much playing time, but they’re going to develop him. His willingness to want to play and show what he’s got, you’re going to continue work hard, you’re going to kill every scene; every time you touch the rock, you’re going to try to drop 30 on cats. For me, I welcomed every opportunity that I got.

Hall is very confident that fans of the show took to his character Daryll Donovan:

“They finally give Daryll the rock this year, and he gets to show a lot of things he’s been waiting to show. I think the fans are going to be excited and take to Daryll,” Hall said. “A lot of people are always asking me ‘when’s Daryll going to do this, or when’s Daryll going to shine, or when’s Daryll going to do something?’

“It’s almost kind of like I’m being groomed to where I can run the offense in a sense, so you got to learn, you gotta be patient, and you gotta just show that you can be coached, take direction, and learn from these two heavyweights, so that’s kind of what happened, and all of a sudden, the producers are like ‘Yo, it’s time.’ This year Daryll goes off.”

The good news for Pooch Hall is that Ray Donovan has been renewed for a sixth season.

The season finale of Ray Donovan airs Sunday, October 29 on Showtime. Check your local listings for the time in your area.

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