Jason Terry on Isaiah Thomas: ‘He’s healthy’

How healthy will Cavaliers G Isaiah Thomas be next season? The 28-year-old guard missed time in the playoffs because of a hip injury. Furthermore, the trade to Cleveland, involving Kyrie Irving and Thomas, took a little extra time due to the Cavaliers’ concerns with Thomas’ hip. Ultimately, Boston added a 2020 second-round pick to complete the trade.

Free agent G Jason Terry, who is friends with Thomas, says not to worry:

“He’s healthy; he’ll be ready to go,” Terry told TMZ Sports.

Terry gave his thoughts on the trade between the Cavaliers and Celtics:

“Well, it’s yet to be seen, but Boston lost four starters(three starters), it’s tough to replace. Chemistry is everything in this league. If you look at Cleveland, they got an elite defender(Jae Crowder), and now they got two All-Pro point guards(Thomas and Derrick Rose). That’s tough to beat,” Terry told TMZ Sports.

Terry believes that Thomas, who will be a free agent at the end of next season, will get his money:

“All-Pro. Nothing is going to change and the Brink’s Truck will come out,” Terry said. “Even if LeBron leaves, they have to build around somebody. Isaiah is the perfect candidate,” Terry said.

Thomas very well could get paid if he a big year next season, and more importantly, if he stays healthy.

In terms of who won the deal, both teams did well. Irving is a younger, taller version of Thomas. Add that to Gordon Hayward, and Boston should be better.

Cleveland gets a MVP candidate from last season in Thomas, and probably a top five pick in this deal(Brooklyn’s 2018 first-round pick).

Therefore, in my humble opinion, both teams made out pretty well.


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