Joakim Noah: ‘Yao(Ming) was pretty special’

During his eight-year career, Hall of Famer Yao Ming was a global superstar. The Chinese star helped make the NBA game popular not only in China, but all over Asia. Unfortunately, for Yao, his career came to an end due to foot injuries.

At seven-six, Yao could shoot, run the floor, and block shots. He was a tough guard for anybody, including Knicks C Joakim Noah. The 2014 Defensive Player of the Year discussed what it was like to guard Yao:

“Yao was pretty special. Playing against Yao Ming. Not only was he huge, but he was super skilled, Noah told the Truth Barrel podcast. “When he faced you up, and shot, it was like ‘yo I never saw no sh__’ like that. “Seven-six but skilled. Not seven-six and duh duh. I’m going to face you up and put this little jumper on your a__.”

Yao’s finished his career averaging 19.0 ppg, 9.2 rpg, and 1.9 bpg.

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