Kevin Durant on Kyrie Irving’s trade request: ‘A lot of teams have gone through this before’

When the news came out about Kyrie Irving’s trade request, many were shocked and surprised. The prevailing thought was why would anyone not want to play with LeBron James?

However, Warriors F Kevin Durant told ESPN that trade requests are nothing new in the NBA:

“It’s just a regular NBA problem, right? A lot of teams have gone through this before.  They’ll figure it out. That’s a great organization, a championship organization. They’ll figure it out,” Durant told ESPN.

At the the end of day, Durant does not think it’s a big deal:

“It’s not the end of the world,” Durant said. “Both of those guys won a championship together. They love each other. If Kyrie wants to do something else, that’s on him. I’m sure whatever happens, it’ll work out for the best for both of them. But it’s just a normal NBA problem. It’s just two big stars that it’s happening to,” Durant said.

I would not be surprised if Irving ends up staying in Cleveland. In reality, the Cavs are not going to give Irving away for nothing. They have him under contract for at least two seasons. Therefore, they have all the power. 

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