Bulls’ Justin Holiday: ‘I believe we can get to the playoffs’

The Chicago Bulls are going to look very different next season. Gone are Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo.  Now, the Bulls are going young. Although Dwyane Wade is there, for now, the Bulls core is young. Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn, and rookie Lauri Markkanen, who all came from the Butler deal with Minnesota, are some of the young players Chicago will turn to next season.

In free agency, the Bulls brought in former Knicks forward Justin Holiday.  Holiday, who played in Chicago two seasons ago, believes that the Bulls can make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference:

“I believe we can get to the playoffs regardless of what everybody thinks from the outside the first thing is believing you can do something,” Holiday told the Go4it podcast with host Paul Gant. “If you ask people before I got into the NBA if they thought I could get into the NBA, they would probably say no, but I believe I could and I am here.

“So, I do think that’s possible. It might seem like a long shot to everybody else, but again, just because we are young, and people might not know what are young players can do. That’s just you not knowing. I think we still have a chance, and I think we gonna to do the best thing we can to put this team together; getting us playing as a team, being strong mentally, and getting that going early, and see what happens.”

While the Eastern Conference is weak, the Bulls probably don’t have enough talent to be one of the top eight teams in the conference.

However, anything can happen!



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