Ex-NBA player Ron Harper on Kyrie Irving’s trade request: ‘Youth and ignorance’

Former NBA star Ron Harper, who is a 5x NBA champion with the Bulls and Lakers, called Kyrie Irving’s trade request a byproduct of “youth” and “ignorance.”

Harper told the Akron Beacon Journal the following:

“When I used to play on bad teams and you trained all off-season to play 82 games, you get to the first round and you lose. You’re guaranteed to play till June. The East is good, but you know that you’re the best basketball team. I don’t really understand what’s behind it,” Harper said.

Harper does not understand why Irving would want to have a bigger role elsewhere when he is winning in Cleveland:

“It’s never your team. You play for the front of your jersey, your name is on the back of it. When you get a chance to win and a chance to be on a good basketball team, you have to take that opportunity. That opportunity doesn’t come around all the time. You’re on a team that’s been to the NBA Finals the last three seasons. How many guys get there? How many guys would kill to be him? If you go talk to most superstars that quote ‘had their own team’ that don’t get to the playoffs, ask them how they feel,” Harper told the Akron Beacon Journal.

Whatever happens moving forward, it seems the Cavs are in no rush to deal Irving. Harper believes that maybe LeBron James and Irving can work out their differences:

“I think LeBron is more mature. LeBron just wants to win, he wants to be on a good team. I don’t think he will hold any ill will towards him. And the only way you win is by having good teammates. You can repair anything if you talk. If you don’t talk, then it’s hard. If they communicate, it would be okay.”

Maybe James and Irving can settle their differences. Anything is possible!

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