Report: Kyrie Irving will not sign extension with new team

Where in the world will Kyrie Irving go? Will he stay in Cleveland? Will he go home to New York (Irving from New Jersey)? Phoenix? Miami? San Antonio? Who knows, but according to a report from, Irving is not looking to sign an extension with any team that trades for him

Phoenix would be very interested in dealing for Irving. But the Suns would want to know if Irving will sign an extension to stay in Phoenix. ┬áIrving is not about to commit to any team at this point. He has two seasons left on his contract(can opt of contract in summer of 2019) and wants to keep his options open, according to’s Terry Pluto.

Irving is reportedly interested in four teams: Minnesota, San Antonio, Knicks, or Miami. Cleveland does not seem to be in any type of rush to trade Irving. If I’m the Cavs, I would wait for the best possible package. They have all the leverage right now.


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