BIG3’s Allen Iverson a no-show in Dallas

Hall of Famer and BIG3 player/coach Allen Iverson was a no-show as the league made a stop in Dallas today.  The league will launch an investigation into Iverson’s absence.

Here is a statement from the BIG3:

Allen Iverson did not show up to today’s BIG3 week 6 game in Dallas as expected.  We had no advance warning and do not have information as to all the circumstances surrounding his absence. The league is launching an investigation to gather all the facts and then will make an informed, official statement.

DerMarr Johnson, Three’s Company’s co-Captain, stepped in to fulfill Player Captain and Coaching duties.

Iverson, 42, played 14 years in the NBA. He has not played much this season, and has been more of a coach than player.


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