Civil lawsuit to be filed against Warriors’ Draymond Green for alleged assault

According to attorney Lisa Bloom, a civil lawsuit will be filed on Tuesday against Warriors F Draymond Green for an alleged assault, battery, and related crimes against an unnamed man and woman. 

The alleged victims will speak at a press conference tomorrow morning.

According to ESPN:

The expectation from Green’s camp is that the lawsuit is in response to a sequence of events last July that culminated in Green allegedly slapping then-Spartan player Jermaine Edmondson. The alleged slap followed a verbal dispute outside an East Lansing bar in the early morning of July 10, 2016, and was preceded by an encounter two nights earlier allegedly involving Edmondson, his girlfriend, Green and two of the NBA star’s associates.

Last summer, Green reached a plea deal for the alleged assault against Edmonson.

“I am just letting my attorneys handle the situation,” Green told ESPN. 

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