Former NFL RB Corey Dillon: ‘You’ve got O.J. Simpson in the Hall of Fame and my numbers are better than his’

Former NFL RB Corey Dillon put up some great numbers during his 10-year NFL career with the Bengals and Patriots. Dillon rushed for 11,241 yards and notched 82 rushing touchdowns.

The 42-year-old Dillon feels he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Dillon, who was a guest of the Bengals Beat Podcast, compared his career to O.j. Simpson:

“I’m just bringing up this guy football-wise, nothing else, nothing whatsoever. You’ve got O.J. Simpson in the Hall of Fame and my numbers are better than his. Why can’t I be there is my question? What validates him being there and I don’t. I’m not talking about his transgressions off the field, that’s on him,” Dillon told the Bengals Beat Podcast

Dillon also compared his career to Hall of Fame inductee Terrell Davis:

“I see Terrell Davis get in, and I’m like, ‘Two Super Bowls, an MVP. This guy only has at the most 9,000 yards.’ I’m thinking, ‘I’ve got a Super Bowl too. I look at this too, you played for the Broncos, okay? Any running back that got in that system, they were good. Tell me one running back that played there that didn’t have stats.”

Does Dillon have a point? His numbers are better than the above-mentioned players, and he won a championship. At times, Dillon did not always have the best reputation, and maybe that’s what is holding him back. However, numbers don’t lie! 

Dillon belongs in Canton! 

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