Hayward to Boston official!

Update: Gordon Hayward will sign with the Boston Celtics after all! According to ESPN, the deal is four-year, $128 million.

Celtics management now has a series of transactions to do in order to create cap space. The Celtics would have to pull the qualifying offer on Kelly Olynyk, renounce free agents Jonas Jerebko, James Young, Gerald Green and waive the contracts of Jordan Mickey and Demetrius Jackson (or trade). The Celtics would be left with $27.6M in room and likely need to move the contract of Jae Crowder, Terry Rozier or Marcus Smart. Trading Rozier would have the Celtics short $1M of a max salary a lot, according to ESPN.

According to ESPN, Gordon Hayward will sign with the Boston Celtics. However, according to NBA.COM’s David Aldridge, Hayward has not made a decision at this point.

According to multiple reports, the 27-year-old Hayward will choose Boston, Utah, or Miami at some point today. If Hayward were to go back to Utah or go to Miami, Celtics’ fans would be absolutely sick. It’s like thinking you hit the lottery, but find out you have the wrong numbers. Hayward brings the Celtics one step closer to beating the Cavs.

This should be fun!

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