Report: Carmelo Anthony willing to waive no-trade clause for Rockets or Cavaliers

According to ESPN, Carmelo Anthony is open to waiving his no-trade clause for Houston or Cleveland.

Over the past few weeks, it had been speculated that Cleveland could be the destination for Melo if the Knicks were to agree to buyout.

Now, with Chris Paul in Houston, the Rockets have become an attractive destination for the 33-year-old Anthony.  The Rockets and Knicks have had trade discussions centered around Anthony and the Rockets’ Ryan Anderson, according to the report. 

In reality, Melo’s best opportunity of going to the NBA Finals is in Cleveland. Remember, the Rockets have to go through Golden State to get to the NBA Finals. On the other hand, Cleveland is head and shoulders about everyone else in the Eastern Conference. Anthony to Cleveland essentially guarantees a return to the NBA Finals for a fourth consecutive year. 

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