NBA on TNT analyst Kenny Smith: ‘Any team LeBron is on is a super team’

After acquiring Chris Paul on Wednesday, the Houston Rockets have put themselves in position to challenge for a NBA title. Now, are they good enough to beat Golden State? Not yet, but the offseason is not over. NBA on TNT analyst and former Rockets G Kenny Smith thinks Houston has improved, but they’re not a “super team” just yet.

“Houston is not a super team, Golden State is a super team. You got five (four) all-stars on one team.  If they get Paul George, then we can talk about that, but (with) those two guys (Harden and Paul), they just got elevated, but they’re not a super team, yet,” Smith told TMZ Sports.

Smith believes there are two “super teams” currently in the NBA.

“Any team LeBron is on is a super team, and Golden State those are the two “super teams,” Smith said.

Smith added if Houston were to get Paul George, he would call them a “BIG 3,” but not a “super team.”

If you look at what happened to Miami and Cleveland before and after LeBron James, what Smith is saying makes a lot of sense. The Heat before LeBron was a playoff team, but not championship caliber. Once LeBron came, they went to four straight NBA Finals, and won two titles. Cleveland before LeBron James was a lottery team. Once LeBron came, they went to three straight NBA Finals, and won one title.

So, LeBron has played on a “super team” after all!



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