Kenyon Martin on Knicks: ‘All fingers should be pointed at Phil Jackson’

Former NBA stars Kenyon Martin and Al Harrington, who both played for the Knicks, believes that Phil Jackson is the reason for all the problems with the Knicks.

“All fingers should be pointed at Phil Jackson,” Martin told TMZ Sports. 

According to Martin and Harrington, age could be a factor for the 71-year-old Jackson, who reportedly fell asleep during a draft prospect’s workout.

“Listen, there is an old saying sleep at the wheel, it’s not the first thing he botched, man,” Martin told TMZ Sports.

“He getting old,” said Harrington

Jackson is in his third year as Knicks’ president. During that time, the Knicks have not made the playoffs.

Martin, like a lot of people, was shocked that the Knicks chose Frenchmen Frank Ntilikina over NC State’s Dennis Smith Jr. or Kentucky’s Malik Monk at pick number eight.

According to Martin, a team needs a competent front office to be successful.

“To be competitive man, it’s the people making the decisions, it’s the people picking the talent on the court. Everybody wants to look at the team, and the players when they are out there, but who put that team together?”

Unfortunately for Knicks’ fans, the man who put their team together is not going anywhere!





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