Report: Dan Gilbert did not talk to LeBron before parting ways with GM David Griffin

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert did not talk to LeBron James before parting ways with former GM David Griffin on Monday. Obviously, this is an interesting development. In April, LeBron came out in support of Griffin. Furthermore, you would think LeBron would know about any and everything that goes on within the Cavs’ organization. Is this the beginning of the end of LeBron in Cleveland?  James can opt out of his contract in 2018. Plus, there has been a lot of speculation about LeBron and Los Angeles. Also, according to reports, LeBron’s wife wants to live in Los Angeles.

Dan Gilbert must not like prosperity! This is a very pivotal summer for the Cavs. Whatever happens, Gilbert better not mess this up!

Here is David Griffin’s statement about his situation with the Cavs:

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