Lonzo Ball to his dad: ‘Over the years, you’ve spoken so many things into reality’

You can question many things about LaVar Ball, but one thing you can’t question is what he is doing as a father. Unfortunately, many African-American boys don’t know what it’s like to have a male in the home. So, consider Lonzo Ball one of the lucky ones. Ball, who recently shot a funny Foot Locker commercial “trolling” his father, decided to write a letter of appreciation to his dad via “The Players’ Tribune” titled: “To the Loudest Guy in the Gym.”

In the letter, Lonzo talked about some of the many things his dad has done for him and his family. Also, Ball discussed how his dad speaks things into existence. Lonzo tells a great story about the night of the NBA Draft Lottery:

“What they don’t realize is all of the stuff that you’ve said about me in public is the same stuff you’ve been telling me privately my whole life. And a lot of the time, you’ve been right. Over the years, you’ve spoken so many things into reality that otherwise seemed impossible. Even on the night of the draft lottery, when the Lakers ended up in the top three, you started running around the house screaming, “I TOLD EVERYBODY! I TOLD THEM IT WOULD HAPPEN!” That was hilarious,” said Lonzo Ball.

Kudos to LaVar for being a father to his children!

Oh, I forgot, Happy Father’s Day LaVar!


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