De’Aaron Fox on LaVar Ball: ‘He went crazy this year’

There are a lot of people that would like to “shut LaVar Ball up.”  Good luck with that. For one night, former Kentucky star De’Aaron Fox did just that. Fox torched Lonzo Ball and UCLA in the NCAA Tournament. Fox dropped 39 big points in Kentucky’s win over UCLA. Fox told Sports Illustrated that one of his objectives going into that Sweet 16 matchup was to “shut LaVar Ball up.”

LaVar Ball has become a household name. He is everywhere! However, Fox said he did not know who LaVar Ball was before this season.

“In the last year, he became relevant for some reason. When I knew Lonzo in high school, I’d never seen his dad before. He went crazy this year. I guess when your son a lottery pick, that gives you a lot of confidence,” Fox told Sports Illustrated.

Fox believes that many players in the NBA are going to go at Lonzo because of his father. Many players have been on record as saying that will go at Lonzo when he comes to the NBA.

“He put a target on his neck,” Fox told Sports Illustrated.

At this point, Lonzo Ball better be ready when he hits the NBA!

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