Eric Mangini on his relationship w/ Bill Belichick: ‘Hopefully, it can change at some point’

Eric Mangini got an opportunity to coach in the NFL from Bill Belichick. Ultimately, working with Belichick helped Mangini get his first NFL head coaching job with the New York Jets in 2006. However, due to Mangini telling the NFL about the Patriots taping signals, which led to the whole situation with “Spygate” back in 2007. Mangini and Belichick have not spoken in 10 years. Mangini talked to ESPN about his relationship with Belichick:

“Look, Bill is a big part of my life. Bill gave me a tremendous opportunity, and I enjoyed that experience, and I respect him. It’s disappointing, the way it’s been. Hopefully, it can change at some point.”

Mangini told ESPN that he regrets how everything turned out:

“It was never supposed to go the way that it went. It was more about, ‘Hey, don’t do this here.’ It wasn’t about reporting it. Sometimes things get out of hand and get rolling in one direction. It was never, ever supposed to go that way.”

Maybe Dr. Phil can fix this situation!

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