Redskins’ Vernon Davis on Kaepernick: ‘He’s the type of guy you want on your team’

Former 49er and Redskins TE Vernon Davis gave his support for Colin Kaepernick. Davis told TMZ Sports his thoughts on Kaepernick, and what he can bring to a team:

“Great teammate, never really had any problem out of him. I know he’s an extremely hard worker. He’ll outwork anyone, any day; that’s what I always loved about him. Always come to work. He gives a 110 percent; all day, everyday, hands down. But yeah, he’s a great guy.” 

Davis, who played with Kaepernick in San Francisco, still believes Kaepernick can play:

“He’s fast, he can throw, he does it all. He’s one of those guys you want on your team.”

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