Western Conference scout on Lonzo Ball: ‘If you don’t play him the right way, is the father going to say something?’

LaVar and Lonzo Ball have been the talk of the NBA over the past few months. When LaVar speaks, the world seems to listen. Will LaVar’s personality turn teams away from Lonzo come draft day?

The New York Post interviewed a few scouts, GMs and personnel guys to get their take on Lonzo Ball.

Here is what one Western Conference scout had to say:

“Talking to people here, some guys are straying away from him as a top pick. If you don’t play him the right way, is the father going to say something? And you don’t want to have him on a big stage like New York. You’re always thinking: What’s next?’’ 

One Eastern Conference executive had this to say about Lonzo and LaVar:

“I don’t think he falls past 2, but it’s a concern in the back of everyone’s mind.  The team will have to sit down with Lonzo and LaVar to set the groundwork. It will be interesting.”

Another NBA personnel guy had this to say:

“[LaVar’s] crazy, most teams know he’s crazy, but [Lonzo] still is the No. 1 point guard.”

A Western Conference GM says it’s all about talent:

“It doesn’t matter at this level. If the kid can play, you take him at this level. It’s about the kid himself. This is the pros.’’

Can’t wait until draft day!

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