Why Draymond Green should be quiet about Kelly Olynyk

 “He’s dirty.”

-Draymond Green on the Dray Day podcast talking about Kelly Olynyk

Yesterday, Warriors F Draymond Green called Celtics C Kelly Olynyk dirty. Can Draymond Green really say that? Is it like Bill Belichick calling someone a cheater? Maybe, but Green is most definitely a hypocrite.

We have seen what Green has done in the past. Ask Steven Adams, who suffered a testicular contusion after taking a kick from Green to the groin. Ask LeBron James! Green tried to go for LeBron’s groin, and it may cost his team a chance at another NBA title. Essentially, Green can’t talk on this subject without talking about himself.

If anybody is going to call Olynyk dirty, it should not be Green. However, maybe it takes one, to know one.

Celtics G Isaiah Thomas came to Olynyk’s defense. “I don’t know how he can call anybody dirty,” Thomas told the media today.

Olynyk is probably dirty, but Green could be equally as dirty.

“Pot meet kettle!”

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