Chris Paul on what the Clippers can do to get better: ‘Luckily, that’s not my job’

The Clippers bow out again in the first-round of the NBA Playoffs. Losing a game seven to the Utah Jazz in Los Angeles 104-91.  The Jazz move on to face the Warriors, while the Clippers deal with an uncertain future. Both Blake Griffin and Chris Paul can opt out of their contracts. After the game, Paul was asked what the Clippers need to do to get over the hump. “Luckily, that’s not my job. My job is to come in try to make sure I’m in the best shape possible. Try to lead our team, and stuff like that,” Paul said. “That’s not may job to maneuver whose here or whose there.” When asked about what he might do in the off-season, Paul said he has not thought about it.

Paul has played the most playoff games(76) in NBA history without going to a conference final. Paul finished game 7 against Utah with 13 points and 9 asts.

Should be an interesting next few months for the Clippers!

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