Former NBA player Gary Trent on rest: ‘The thing is they are just being real about it now’

Rest has been one of the biggest conversations in the NBA this season. Many have come down hard on superstars like Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James for taking games off. However, former NBA player Gary Trent thinks it’s unfair.

“The thing is they are just being real about it now. I’ve seen guys rest, but they might put it on the injury report as back spasms or flu-like symptoms. That’s some rest, but now guys are saying rest,” Trent told

Also, Trent defended LeBron James and explained why he would need rest:

“LeBron is in his 13th, 14th year; you weren’t hearing this rest stuff in his second, or third, or fourth year. When I came into the league, the average NBA career lasted three years.  So, when you see a guy sitting here playing 14 years of intense minutes of 25 points or better every night, of six or seven rebounds or more every night, has to be on the floor to lead his team every night. Man, it wears on you, its not physically, its mentally.”

Trent makes some an interesting points. If there is any player in the NBA who deserves rest, it’s LeBron James.

The debate will continue on!

Gary Trent talks about “rest” at 42:37

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