Six or seven more years of Brady?

There is some bad news floating around for everybody outside of New England. According to Patriots’ owner Bob Kraft, Tom Brady might play another six or seven years! You don’t believe me?  Here is the quote:

“As recently as two, three days ago he assured me he would be willing six, seven more years,” Kraft said. “At the level he performed, there is no one that would be happier than I and our fan base.”

Six or seven years means Brady would be 46 or 47 when he retires. “Father Time” is undefeated. As great as Michael Jordan was throughout his career, even he lost to “Father Time.”  At some point, the great times in New England have to end.  Brady will be 40 by time the season starts. This thing could fall off the rails in 2017.

I never bet against “Father Time!”

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