‘Slamma Jamma’ star Chris Staples talks ‘Christ Air’ dunk

Professional dunker and “Slamma Jamma” star Chris Staples can fly. Not convinced? Watch the dunk below.

Staples talked about how he came up with the “Christ Air” dunk with Go4it host Paul Gant:

“Actually a friend came up with the dunk. He can’t even dunk, but he studied dunks all the time.” Staples said. “He came up with the idea; hey. we actually got that dunk from a skateboarder. So the name of the dunk comes from a skateboarder.  He jumps up and he lifts the skateboard off from under his feet and holds it up straight.  We thought, ‘hey, could we do this with a basketball?’ And so we tried it, and it worked out. It was fun being in the gym creating a different dunk.”

This dunk would eventually go viral, which surprised Staples.

“We never thought that the dunk would go viral as did. I just thought hey that’s a cool looking dunk,” he said. “It only looks good in slow motion, but that was the point of it. When people see it, they love it. I’m glad I kind of have that as a signature dunk now.”

“Slamma Jamma” is in theaters March 24th.

Listen to the complete interview with Chris Staples at the link below.

Interview comes in at 12:27:

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