(WATCH) Torrey Smith: ‘Nick(Foles), Carson(Wentz) are two of the best leaders I’ve ever been around’

Carson Wentz and Nick Foles are two guys who had a lot of success in Philadelphia, especially during the 2017 NFL season. For Wentz, he led the Eagles through most of the 2017 season and put the team in position to have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, while Foles was able to finish the job after Wentz went down with an injury by leading the Eagles to a victory in Super Bowl 52. Foles would step in for Wentz last season after Wentz went down with a back injury and lead the Eagles to the playoffs in 2018.

Foles was rewarded for efforts when he signed a four-year, $88 million deal with the Jaguars this offseason, while Wentz will return to lead the Eagles in 2019.

Last season, some Eagles’ players reportedly had some issues with the leadership style of Wentz, and Wentz later acknowledged himself that he could have been a better teammate in 2018.

However, according to former Eagle and current Carolina Panthers WR Torrey Smith, both Wentz and Foles are great leaders.

“Nick(Foles), Carson(Wentz) are two of the best leaders I’ve ever been around, period. Coaches, players, classmates, whoever,” Smith said at his 8th annual charity basketball game in Baltimore on Saturday.  “They are like models for who you want your kid to be like, your daughter to date, your team to be led by, so there’s no surprise that we had success with both of them leading the team when I was there… Those are the two dudes that I love to death as players, as people.”

High praise from Smith, and you can’t argue with success both guys have had with the Eagles.

Ultimately, Smith is looking forward to seeing Wentz and Foles perform in 2019.

“I can’t wait to see what Nick does knowing what he’s been through in his journey, and I can’t wait to see what Carson does with a healthy year because he’s gets hurt one game later, he’s the MVP, right,(2017 season),” Smith said. “That’s just the way this business goes, and Foles obviously is a legend for helping to pick up the torch and lead the team to a Super Bowl victory. But, he’ll be down there in Jacksonville, and he’ll have an opportunity to be the guy and not have to worry about trying being second. So, I’m excited for him to have that opportunity and to shine.”

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Smith on winning SB52: ‘Bringing them(Eagles fans) that type of joy; there’s nothing like it'(VIDEO)

No one wanted the Philadelphia Eagles to win Super Bowl 52 more than their championship-starved fans.

The Eagles could not win a Super Bowl during the Dick Vermeil years, it did not happen during the Buddy Ryan Era, and it did not happen during the Andy Reid years.

Enter Doug Pederson, and at last, the Eagles finally breakthrough.

Torrey Smith, who helped the Eagles win Super Bowl 52 before being traded to the Carolina Panthers this offseason, discussed what winning a Super Bowl meant to fans of the Eagles.

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Torrey Smith: ‘The Eagles are going to be very good for a long time'(WATCH)

Coming into the 2017 NFL season, no one expected the Philadelphia Eagles to win a Super Bowl. However, their defense came together, Carson Wentz was special, and Nick Foles sealed the deal in Super Bowl 52.

Now, with the roster they have assembled, this is a team that could win multiple Super Bowls in next few years.

Former Eagles WR Torrey Smith, who was traded to the Carolina Panthers recently after helping the Eagles win Super Bowl 52, believes the Eagles will be a championship caliber team for a long time:

“That’s an organization(Eagles) I have a lot of respect for; that’s an organization that I know will win for a long time,” Smith said at his charity basketball game on Saturday night.  “And they’re building it that way, and they’re taking full advantage of not having to pay a quarterback right now because when Carson’s(Wentz) time comes you gonna have to need a Brinks’ truck the size of this arena for him. He’s that type of player, and he’s a great leader. And the Eagles are going to be very good for a long time.”

At this point, Philly has added to their already formidable defensive line with the additions of Michael Bennett via trade and Haloti Ngata in free agency. Furthermore, they were able to retain their star linebacker Nigel Bradham, and 2017 second-round draft pick, CB Sidney Jones is healthy and ready to contribute in 2018. Lastly, their star QB Carson Wentz should be back and healthy in 2018.

If all goes right for Philly, they could easily be playing in Super Bowl 53!

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