Eagles’ Burton: ‘I would love to be back here(Philly), but the ball is not really in my court; it’s in their court’

Philadelphia Eagles TE Trey Burton was one of the heroes of Super Bowl 52 after he helped orchestrate the “Philly Special” when he threw a touchdown pass to quarterback Nick Foles, which helped the Eagles beat the Patriots.

Now, Burton, 26,  has to focus on the future. The soon to be free agent tight end probably won’t be back in Philly and at this point, according to Burton, has not received an offer from the team:

“I know one thing that is completely false is that people have been saying that I turned down an offer from Philly when that’s the farthest from the case,” Burton told TMZ Sports. “They have not offered me anything.  We actually haven’t talked contract extension since, not last year, but the year before, so 2016. I would love to be back here; I always said that. The ball is not really in my court; it’s in their court. I’m just waiting to see if they will offer me. I don’t know if they will or not because of the cap situation. I want to be back here.

“Two years ago, they offered me a league minimum deal for three years, and I was like no, I’m definitely not taken that. Other than that, I haven’t really had any contract extension or any talks with them financially at all. I would love to; I don’t know what’s really going on. It kind of makes me feel a certain way because of how much time, the relationship I have with the guys here; how bad I want to be back, but, at the end of the day,  I understand it’s a business, so they’re making the decisions that are best for the organization. Whatever it is, I’m with it.”

If he does not return to Philly, Burton is open to playing anywhere, including Cleveland:

“I’m really open to anything. I would love to go to Cleveland if they get a guy like Kirk(Cousins) or whoever the other free agent quarterbacks are, Sammy B(Bradford), guys who I played with before,” Burton said. “Man, if you get on of those guys, put them on any of these teams I would love to go play and compete. I am the type of guy that likes to go work, so I would like to be one of the first guys to win a Super bowl in Cleveland. You know bring a Super Bowl to whatever the deal is. I’m into that type of stuff.”

Burton had 23 receptions for 248 yards and 5 touchdowns in 2017.

Here is the reality of the situation. Burton has some ability, but the Eagles are over the salary cap. Unfortunately, when you win a Super Bowl, this is sometimes the cost of doing business.

In the end, anything can happen, but don’t expect Burton to be back with the Eagles in 2018.