Ware calls it quits!

Citing long-term health and quality of life, former Cowboy and Bronco LB Demarcus Ware calls it quits after 12 seasons.  Ware, who is eighth on the all-time sacks list (138.5), seemed like he had some football left in his 34 year-old body. I guess health is more important at this time. The next question is about Ware and the Hall of Fame. Ware has more sacks than two recent Hall of Famers (John Randle and Richard Dent); he is one sack behind 2017 Hall of Fame inductee Jason Taylor.  Based on the numbers, and winning a Super Bowl in 2015, it is safe to say he is a Hall of Famer!

Tanoh Kpassagnon on the 40: ‘I think I could run faster’

The NFL combine brought out the best in a lot of players. It is an opportunity for players to prove why they belong in the NFL. One person who made the best of this opportunity is former Villanova DE Tanoh Kpassagnon.  The 6’7, 289 pound Kpassagnon did some amazing things in Indianapolis; including running the 40 in 4.83 seconds, but Kpassagnon feels he could run it faster. “Honestly, I think I could run faster than that. I was happy with that time, but yeah I think I could of run faster than that,” Kpassgnon told Go4it host Paul Gant. When asked what was his fastest time Kpassagnon said: “Probably like low 4.7s.”

Some believe Kpassagnon will be a project on the next level, and may not be able to contribute day one. He feels differently.  “I learn fast, so I feel like I could grow into a playable player really quick.”

Kpassagnon has his pro day coming up. That will be a great time to further prove he belongs in the NFL. Kpassagnon just might show the country that Villanova is more than just a basketball school!

To listen to the complete interview:


Interview comes in at 1:05:11

Will the Cowboys release or trade Romo?

According to reports, Tony Romo will not be traded by the Cowboys, but eventually released. Since teams believe Romo will be released, they are reluctant to trade for the Cowboys’ signal caller.  In addition, Romo may have a TV offer from Fox Sports.  

We shall see what happens with Romo and the Cowboys moving forward. I think the Boys will eventually release him. He can’t stay in Dallas; it would be too much of a distraction. Maybe he will just retire and go into TV! 

Its official: Myles Garrett is a beast!!

Cleveland you are on the clock, but maybe not for long. Myles Garrett did his thing at the NFL combine. He ran the 40 in 4.64, had 33 reps of 225 and unofficially a 41 inch vertical. Those type of numbers will probably make him the number one pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Here are some reaction:

Jones denies Romo trade talks

A report surfaced yesterday about a possible three team deal between the 49ers, Redskins and Cowboys. The deal would send Romo to the Redskins; Cousins to the 49ers, and the Cowboys would get draft picks.  Speaking from the NFL combine, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones denied that such discussions had taken place:

“Nothing factual in any way. I haven’t had that discussion with anyone most of all Romo. Any of these things that you might see that represents interest or looks like it would be fit or those kind of things all of those have no basis at this point.”

According to Jones, the first time he heard about the three team trade was today.

Do you believe Jerry?

Kerley back to the 49ers

After not getting a lot of playing time with the Jets in 2015, Jeremy Kerley wanted to go to a team that would give him a chance to play.  He got that chance last season with the 49ers, and now he is staying. According to reports, Kerley and the 49ers agreed to a deal that will pay him 10.5 million over three years.

Kerley put up solid numbers for the 49ers(64 catches, 667 yards, 3 tds) in 2016. He had a career high in receptions, and tied his career high in touchdowns.

John Ross runs fastest 40 ever!

Former Washington WR John Ross III ran the fastest 40 ever at the NFL Combine. Officially, Ross ran 4.22, which beats the mark set by Chris Johnson who ran 4.24

Here are some reaction:

Three way trade involving Cousins and Romo?

Three way trades don’t happen in the NFL. According to Ian Rapoport, it could be possible. In a trade, the 49ers would get Kirk Cousins. The Redskins would get Tony Romo, and the Cowboys get draft picks.

This would be a blockbuster deal! All the teams would benefit in my opinion. The Cowboys get assets for Romo; the 49ers and Redskins get an upgrade at the quarterback position. It is a risk for the Redskins because Romo is 36(37 in April), and has had injury issues. If healthy, short term, Romo is an upgrade over Cousins. Another question is whether the Cowboys would be willing to trade within their division.  If the price is right, anything is possible. Remember Donovan McNabb to the Redskins? That trade worked out well for the Eagles, not so well for the Redskins.


Le’Veon Bell’s album coming soon

Le’Veon Bell got an album on the way. Bell’s album Post Interview will drop on March 10th. 

Hopefully the lyrics are not too edgy; there is a parental advisory sticker on the album. I would tell Le’Veon to get your money first, and then drop the album.  In the end, maybe Le’Veon spits hot fire!