Wizards’ Smith on NBA’s ‘snitch line’: ‘I used to get whippings when I was younger for telling’

For the NBA to get through the 2019-20 season, everybody must do their part, which might include “snitching.” The league has set up an anonymous hotline for players and officials to call to report anyone violating quarantine protocols. Some players, including Lakers C Dwight Howard, had someone call on him. Howard said during an Instagram Live that someone called on him for not wearing a mask around the Orlando bubble. 

One player we know who did not call was Wizards guard Ish Smith. On Thursday, Smith was asked if he would call the NBA ‘snitch line’ to report any violations, he said the following: 

“No, I’m not. I used to get whippings when I was younger for telling, for being a tattle-teller,” Smith said. “I’m not saying anything. My hands is clean, but I understand guys who do it because you want to keep the bubble clean; you want to keep it tight. It has been running smooth thus far, and you want to continue to keep it that way so we can get through these three months.

“But, I also understand guys who are a little frustrated, who are a little restless, but if we can kind of stay discipline for these three months, we should be all right, but me, I’m not shunning anybody who does use it or will use, but I’m not gonna use it.”

In reality, if a player violates protocol and contracts COVID-19 in the process, it could shut down the whole season, which will cost players a lot of money, so calling on anyone that violates the rules is understandable.

Hopefully, everyone does their part so that we can crown a champion this season. However, based on what he said, NBA players’ secrets are safe with Ish Smith.