Pack Daniels: ‘When you have the GOAT at QB, you always have a chance at a SB'(Video)

Unfortunately for the 2017 Green Bay Packers, you could argue that their season ended when Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone in WeeK 6 against the Vikings. At the time, Green Bay was 4-1, but after Rodgers’ injury, the Packers went 3-8 in the final 11 games. Rodgers would return for one game, but it was not enough as the Packers were officially eliminated from playoff contention after losing to Carolina in Week 15.

Fortunately for the Packers, Rodgers is back and healthy. The Packers let go of Jordy Nelson but added Jimmy Graham and Marcedes Lewis.  Also, they brought in former Browns head coach Mike Pettine as their defensive coordinator, which is good news to Packers Pro Bowl DT Mike Daniels.

“I absolutely love it,” Daniels told at his 2nd annual football camp in New Jersey.  “Coach Pettine has had a top 10 defense everywhere he went, and I’m glad he is bringing it to Green Bay.”

Daniels is very excited about the 2018 NFL season, and believes with Aaron Rodgers, the Packers will always be in contention for a championship.

“When you have the greatest of all time at quarterback, you always have a chance at a Super Bowl,”  Daniels said.

Listen below as Daniels discusses his camp, his performance last season, Aaron Rodgers, and more:

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