Pippen believes Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest of all-time(WATCH)

Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen keeps on flip-flopping. One day he’ll say Michael Jordan is the greatest of all-time, and then on another day, he’ll say LeBron James has surpassed Jordan.

Now, I guess he has finally made a choice, for now. Pippen believes someone other than Jordan and LeBron is the greatest of all-time:

“In my eye, Wilt Chamberlain is the greatest basketball player,” Pippen said on Friday. “But Michael and LeBron should never be compared. It’s almost like comparing Kareem to me. That wouldn’t be fair.”

This is Pippen we are talking about, so he could have a different answer by tomorrow!

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Iguodala compares Durant to Jordan; compares himself to Pippen(Watch)

Kevin Durant was cooking yesterday as he scored 38 pts, including 20 points in the 1st half as the Warriors dominated the Pelicans 118-92 in Game 4 of their Western Conference semifinal series on Sunday. Warriors lead the series 3-1.

After the game, Durant’s teammate Andre Iguodala compared Durant to Jordan, and himself to Scottie Pippen.

Take a listen:

Iguodala game is similar to Pippen’s game, but he is not on Pip’s level. In terms of Durant, he can score the ball, but he’s not Jordan.

Scottie Pippen: ‘LeBron ain’t better than me until he gets six titles'(Watch)

Last week, Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen re-ignited the Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James debate. Pippen told ESPN’s First Take the following about James:

“When you look across the board, not just scoring. Check his(LeBron James) assists, check his rebounds, he’s probably ahead of Jordan.”

This week, Pippen put his name in the argument. Pippen told TMZ Sports the following:

“LeBron ain’t better than me until he gets six titles.”

Pippen won six NBA titles with Jordan and the Bulls.

Was he joking? Was he telling the truth?

You be the judge!

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Dwight Howard on Hornets: ‘Great coach, great GM, and the GOAT, so I think this is the perfect opportunity’

Dwight Howard went home to Atlanta last year after signing a three-year, $70.5 million deal, but after one season with the Hawks, the team wanted to go in a different direction. Howard, who was traded by the Hawks to the Hornets last week, will have an opportunity to be reunited with Hornets head coach Steve Clifford. As an assistant coach with the Magic and Lakers, Clifford worked with Howard for six seasons.

The Hornets introduced Howard today. The 31-year-old center will get another chance to prove the doubters wrong.  Howard feels Charlotte is a great opportunity, and feels he has a lot left in the tank.

“I think I’m a lot healthier than I’ve been in the past five years. I think this is gonna be my best time,” Howard said.

“A lot of people always talk about the past, but I think I’m a lot wiser now, stronger, mentally and physically. I’m in the right place. Great coach, great GM, and the GOAT (Michael Jordan), so I think this is the perfect opportunity.”

Howard is not the same guy that Clifford coached in Orlando, but he still can be an effective player in the right situation. Howard is familiar with Steve Clifford, and averaged a double-double last season in Atlanta. Clifford told reporters last week that he believes Howard can still play at a high level. Plus, the Hornets really did not give up much up to get Howard. Charlotte reportedly wanted Howard last year before he signed with Atlanta.

This move is worth the risk for Jordan and the Hornets.





LaVar Ball: ‘Magic won in his first year as a rookie. That’s what Lonzo’s going to do. It took Jordan seven years’

Things are falling into place for LaVar Ball. From the beginning, he wanted Lonzo Ball to go to the Lakers. With the way things are going, Ball probably will be a Laker on Thursday night.

We all know LaVar likes to talk; he did a lot of talking to GQ Magazine. In the latest issue of the magazine, Ball had this to say about Lonzo and the Lakers:

“And don’t think he going to the NBA and be happy to be there. He’s going to murder people. I think he’ll be a Laker. The only dude who can talk to him is Magic. He’s going to put his arm around him and talk to him. Magic won in his first year—as a rookie. That’s what Lonzo’s going to do. It took Jordan seven years.”

Magic Johnson won a championship as a rookie. It took Jordan seven years to get a ring. Is LaVar saying that the Lakers will win a title next year?

You be the judge!

Former Rocket Tracy Murray on why the 1995 Rockets would’ve beaten Jordan’s Bulls: ‘We just matched up with them pretty doggone good’

The “Clutch City” Rockets won back-to-back NBA titles in 1994 and 1995. During those two years, Hakeem Olajuwon dominated the NBA. Unfortunately for all of us, we would never see Michael Jordan vs. Olajuwon in the NBA Finals. Michael Jordan went to baseball in 1994, and could not get past the Magic in 1995; the Rockets were not able to get past Seattle in 1996. If the Bulls and Rockets would have met in the NBA Finals, former Rocket Tracy Murray, like Kenny Smith, believes Houston would have won. Murray, who was a member of the 1994-95 Rockets, felt the Rockets had enough to beat Jordan’s Bulls.

“I think we would have beaten them as well because you have pretty much the same team there (from 1994 championship team), minus Otis Thorpe, and you add a Clyde Drexler. A hungry Clyde Drexler, I might add. He was extremely hungry, and wanted to win that championship. He can smell it. From the trade deadline he can smell it, and he really turned it up when people thought he was done,” Murray told Paul Gant.

According to Probasketballreference.com, the Rockets were 5-5 from 1993-97 against the Bulls, but Murray liked the way his Rockets matched up against those Bulls’ teams.

“We just matched up with them pretty doggone good. We had that one monster in the middle they couldn’t matchup with, Hakeem Olajuwon. Nobody couldn’t matchup with him. You had to double team, and you had all the snipers around him,” said Murray.

According to Murray. Olajuwon was “Jordan-like” during those championship years.

“I seen him destroy the MVP of the league that year. When David Robinson got that MVP trophy, (1995) Dream averaged close to 40 points a game (35 ppg) on him that series. Absolutely destroyed him. He was the most unstoppable player I seen other than Jordan in the league during that time. He was a counterpuncher. He had every read for every defense that came at him. He knew what to do.”

It would have been fun to see Rockets-Bulls. In the end, it would have been hard to bet against Jordan.

LeBron on his hair: ‘I didn’t go bald, but I’m getting there’

LeBron James is back in the NBA Finals after the Cavaliers defeated the Celtics in Game five of the Eastern Conference Finals to win the series 4-1 on Thursday night.  King James did something else that was special yesterday in Boston. James surpassed Michael Jordan and became the all-time leading scorer in NBA Playoffs history. After the game, LeBron talked about how he emulated Michael Jordan growing up, and how he might emulate Jordan’s hair in the future:

“I did pretty much everything MJ did. I shot fadeaways, I wore a leg sleeve, I didn’t go bald, but I’m getting there.”

He might be there, in terms of the hair, sooner than later!

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