Eagles DC Schwartz tells what happened with Michael Jacquet against Cowboys

Life as a cornerback in the NFL is never easy. In fact, you have to have a very short memory. On Sunday, Philadelphia Eagles rookie CB Michael Jacquet had an unforgettably bad day in the team’s loss to Dallas.

Whether he was defending Michael Gallup or Amari Cooper, Jacquet struggled. According to Next Gen Stats, Jacquet allowed seven catches for 182 yards and two touchdowns. The 182 yards was the second-most given up by a defensive back this season. 

On Tuesday, Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz explained what went wrong:

“Yeah, well, we put [CB Darius] Slay on [Cowboys WR Amari] Cooper, and M.J. [Michael Jacquet] was out on [Cowboys WR Michael] Gallup most of the time,” Schwartz said. “And he was having a tough day. And I started going to some zone, but the problem with that is the quarterback just kept checking down to Zeke [Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott], and he would get 10 yards a pop there.

“At halftime, we switched Slay over to Gallup to try to get a little bit more help to M.J., but he was still struggling. What I compare that to, it’s a little bit like a pitcher. Sometimes you don’t have your best stuff, and Skip [the manager] has got to go to the bullpen.

“I felt like we had sort of gone through all the different things. We tried to go to some zone. We tried to switch it up. He was still having a tough day. And we didn’t want to, but we had to go to J-Mill [S Jalen Mills] at corner, and I didn’t want to because he was giving us a lot of solidity in the middle part of the field. I thought Mills did an outstanding job of putting the fire out. I thought him and Slay at that point really started playing well on the outside part of the field.

“Now, we had our other issues that put more pressure on the safeties, and [S Marcus] Epps got banged up a little bit early in the game. We started going with some different combinations back there. Communication wasn’t the best. But we made a little run in the second half, mainly because of Slay and Mills. Again, I think it’s just such a compliment to Jalen that he’s been such an unselfish player. He’s been making progress at safety, and for his career, it’s probably best that he just stays there, but when we said, ‘Hey, we’ve got to move you to corner,’ he never even batted an eye. He’s gone out, and he’s switched to the best receiver before, he’s gone out and just started playing right and left, challenges guys.

“We weren’t able to get back in the game, but that gave us a chance to get back in the game. But M.J. will bounce back. We talked a little bit about his mental makeup and things. Sometimes they’re going to hit a homer off of you, and you’ve got to be able to come back and throw that fastball again, and I have confidence that he will.”

Ideally, Jacquet, who was an undrafted rookie free agent out of Louisiana-LaFayette,  would not be on the field, but injuries in the secondary forced him into the lineup. Hopefully, for Jacquet, better days are ahead for him.